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Hi again everyone! my exams and obligations are finally over and with excellent results so I´m finally back at the residence with 3 new forum projects:

- Finally part 3 of the "What if..." series in collaboration with Yuan-The-11th.

- A Resident Evil fanfic supervised  by Yuan-The-11th, who also provided useful additional information.

- A risky forum thread to make our own characters ratings based on attributes.

Right now I am a bit far from home and my connection is not too good, but I haver paper and pencil to work with, expect to see some of this new projects by the end of the week!!

I´m ***** glad to finally be back!!!


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Its good to have ya back looking forward to your projects.

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George Trevor
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Great to see you back amigo, and I'm really pleased for you, those good results are very much desereved. Well done. I'll keep an eye out in Birkin's Laboratory for your new research. Welcome home !


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It seems you have lots of RE ideas to discuss. I am looking forward to reading them Xarls. Congratulations for your successful outcome in exams.



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Sounds like some interesting stuff is coming. I can't wait to see what you bring to the table. 

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