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I haven't posted here all that much yet, but neither have I "formally" introduced myself yet. I've been reading most of the stuff that's come up here over the last few months, but have perhaps been a little reticent. Anyway, great to be here. I feel that such shared passion for Resident Evil's legacy and enthusiasm for its future easily signifies enough common ground to consider myself "among friends"...

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George Trevor
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We've slowly pulled you into the open of our mansion Forum, but as a lurker you're residency here was always just as valued. I particularily enjoyed & was interested by your Resident Evil Survivor play-through commentary. I advise other residents here to read it, as I have always believed there is a wonderful gem of a game hiding inside Survivor ~


Jessica... Lisa... Forgive me. May god justify my death in exchange for your safety.

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James Marcus
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So long as you do not come sniffing around my research and interfering with my leeches you are among a friend here. Welcome to CHE.


I will have my revenge on Umbrella!

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Welcome to CHE, don't mind the BOWs and blood all over the place, we are a very welcoming crowd and glad to have you coming around to be welcomed. :)


'The screams, the shouts, the pain, the nightmares...they'll never leave me, that asylum will never leave me...I suffer from it every passing night...what does Umbrella want of me?' - Shane Burns

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You're not amongst friends with me. I will pursue you all over this residence and crush your... sorry I get like that sometimes. Where was I? Aah yeah, welcome to CHE.



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