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I have been thinking about how I would really like a Resident Evil game to be, and I came up with some things that I´d surely add, that now I´m sharing with you. I hope you like them.

1- Just zombie-alike well as "special" creatures like hunter and lickers were in RE1 and 2. I´m tired of J´avo and I don´t mind Oozes at all, act pretty much like zombies.

2 - Only headshoots kill: Remember the resident evil Anderson movies? "Shoot´em in the head", degeneration? "shoot em in the head" Resident Evil 6? "Aim for the head"..:I really hated headshooting J´avos only to see them mutate and become a bigger pain in the ass.

If they insist so much on that...Why not? I would like to see enemies that only die becouse they took a bullet to the brain, rest of areas should just stagger them a bit so you can land the headshoot (Chest), drop them to the floor (legs), lose a member (Arms and legs) or heavily staggering them for a lethal melee (Face) like grabing the opponent and either make him kiss a bullet, break his neck...In order to kill an enemy the bullet should go through the brain, that would be the difference between killing and staggering.

3 - Involving other survivors whose fate depend on your actions (Let them die, not bringing a medicine, not protecting them...).

4 - Enemies don´t drop herbs/bullets EXCEPT if it makes sense, for example, if you kill a police officer zombie he could have some bullets with him, a doctor an spray...either way bullets should be scarce and exploration encouraged.

5 - Files, files, files...Gimme files NOW!!!!!!

6 - Rare melees and can be interrupted...similar to revelations, I hate thinking "Oh, just 8 zombies, Rocky time! some counterattacks anf they are done"

7 - Keep the counterattacks, but not so damn deadly.

8 - You start the game infected, every enemy attack landed raises the infection until you are dead...what?! yeah, I´m serious, but there is a catch: You can find antigens that stop the virus and  lower the infection rate (Similar to outbreak) obviously those are rare (The same as ink ribbons more or less) and take a while to use...better be in safe room. Synthoms of infection can be: Nothing, itching, aiming difficulty, blurred vision, hunger, limping, hallucinations and finally death and infection. ou can get rid of the virus when the game ends.

9 - Healing system similar to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. If there is something I really enjoyed about that game was the wound treatment: Using hemostatics for blood loss, straighten broken bones...I would really like treating a hunter wound before the blood loss attracts more creatures.

10 - No co-op campaign, but playing as different characters like in Code: Veronica or Resident Evil 4 (Separate Ways), but no A/B scenarios that mess with the canon.

11 - I wouldn´t mind a character creation system: You create your own BSAA operative and fight alongside Chris, Jill, Ark, Leon...similar to Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain (that was a GREAT game, pity you can´t play online anymore).

12 - BARRY!!!!!

13 - BARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 - Did I say "BARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"?

That´s pretty much all of it...What do you think? Sorry about the typos, English is not my native language.


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George Trevor
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QUOTE Xarls: "Files, files, files...Gimme files NOW!!!!!!"

There is much in Xarls's post that I agree with, and the very frustrating thing is that when I enthuse on how I too DESPERATELY want files back, WHO out there in our community met the omission of files in RE6 with positivity ? Nobody. Because the files are significant in infusing the gameplay with a deep & emotional atmosphere. They make minor charcaters MASSIVE. How deep and impacting a character would Darrio Rosso be without his accompanying file ? We would have no emotional imagery of a sad, lonely, unfulfilled man, lamenting the lost opportunity to fulfil his life'a career ambition and write his novel. It is pathetic & inexcusable tha Capcom fail to see such a significant loss to the quality of their product.

QUOTE Xarls: "Only headshoots kill"

Agreed - Along with the survival horror, the atmosphere, and the puzzles, Capcom have taken all sense of danger & difficuty out of their series.

QUOTE Xarls: "Involving other survivors whose fate depend on your actions"

Now this would be an intelligent, inspired development to push forward the gameplay, rather than the vapid, illogical mess that Capcom's recent developers have injected, in their now typically unsophisticated approach.

QUOTE Xarls: "Healing system similar to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. If there is something I really enjoyed about that game was the wound treatment: Using hemostatics for blood loss, straighten broken bones...I would really like treating a hunter wound before the blood loss attracts more creatures."

I love this idea; not a MGS player (aside from the GameCube Twin Snakes), but compare Xarls's suggestion to the absolutely appalling, ridiculous, unworkable, total mess that was the RE6 health management system. When community residents such as Xarls make suggestions of this calibre, in stark contrast to the rank stupidity that is RE6's health interface, those that Capcom have charged with developing our beloved Resident Evil series, look increasingly not fit for purpose.

QUOTE Xarls:"I wouldn´t mind a character creation system"

I absolutely adore SKYRIM, I would play it all day if I wasn't a hippy in love with the real countryside, and playing Resident Evil when I am rarely indoors. BUT I don't want to mix my SKYRIM into my BIOHAZARD. I like to keep my two loves apart from each other, otherwise it could get very messy!


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USS Command
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Xarls gots some good ideas I agree mostly with George. However I'll just like to add that Id like to see a Charater creation system in a spinoff reather a main game.

Anyway for me,  I just wanna see new faces that have nothing to do with anything,not kin to no one, dont belong to an organization, just  thrown into a horrible situation.

But what kind of situation? I was thinking of a dirty bomb, mixed with viruses from the black market. Causeing toxic smoke that could turn you into bow based on what mixtures are in the bomb are and how long you stay in it. Meaning  inside a building your fine out side is got outbreak type gameplay.

But that will, most likely, never happen.


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Pretty much everything Xarls said. Especially the part about enemies dropping items only when it makes sense.

More puzzles, no linear gameplay, no GPS, I mean I don't even own a smart phone in real life, why would I want to have one in a survival horror game? Give me files! Give me half-burned journals, photographs and old painting that tell a story. Give me old-fashioned maps.

Don't swamp me with hordes of enemies. Just give me a decent number of well designed enemies I have to fight with a limited amount of ammo and please: no humans turning into insects turning into dinosaurs turning into Richard Nixon or whatever. Mutations are nice and all but keep them simple.

The setting: Chernobyl for all I care. Any of those lost places really.

The characters: I'd like to see at least one of the old guys back. Again, I'd go with Xarls here. Give me Barry. Even if he's not a playable character. The rest should be random people, non-military. Scientists maybe? Environmental activists? Nosy people who snoop around abandoned places? Could work.

No co-op. I've learned to enjoy it in RE5 but just because the game was so stupid and so not scary that it was actually fun to have another person there. Just for the laughs. But in the future: no co-op. 

I want a HUNK mission. Not just a damn minigame. A whole campaign like Ada's in RE6. Something you have to unlock, something you can enjoy as a reward for a job well done. I'm sure I'm pretty much alone with this but I want this so bad.

Also USS Command's idea about the dirty bomb has some appeal. You don't want to stay outside but inside it's dark and scary and all the monsters are waiting for you. Nice.

As for a character creation system: I'm not really familiar with games like Skyrim but I believe I'd find it somewhat tideous having to create a character for myself before I can start playing RE. So thank you but no, thank you.

One last thing: I want the crates and typewriters back. Or at least something similar. Not a very popular opinion I know. But frankly I find the amount of stuff that Chris is able to lug around in RE5 ridiculous. Or Leon in RE4. 5 types of weapons, health items and ammo plus all the treasure and key items they could find. Crates please. Or a drop/pick up items system like in Zero. And don't bother with those stupid chapters. Give me save points. And for crying out loud let me go back to areas I've already explored.

So yeah, that's basically it. Oh wait, I forgot. No more car chases. This is survival horror not a damn Burt Reynolds movie.


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Yeah...either vaults or other inventary method...although it was funny being unable to take an egg because Chris pockets where filled with rifles, rocket launchers...

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I also think about what I should change or what I should introduce in RE7..

1. There should be real time changes in game... like when you backtrack you would notice that things have been changed....things have been broken in a room...blood on the wall and floor but no dead body near it......

2. Every weapon and key item we pickup should give us vague hint of what is going if we pickup a weapon it should say things like it has a strange mark on it or there is some blood on it....and what if we could do lab test and see whos blood is it...RE always had labs :)

3. I want more dead bodies lying around with files about them...but the files should not be with the dead bodies it should be some where else....we would figure it out by ourself who is who and what happened with them...

4. Ammo that we pickup should be in form of clips not bullets...and quantity of bullets in clips should be random....

5.I want atmosphere to be more dark....little to no lights in rooms....

@Xarls I like your know extermination for ps2 had the same concept related to infection...character was not infected from start but u get infected from enemy attack and every time a enemy attacks the infection increases even more...only way to cure urself is by curing the infection in special rooms which were located in the facility...if u r infected more than 75% than infection would increase very fast....u have to hurry before getting completely infected

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James Marcus
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@ Naveed I really like your ideas and if only Capcom had used some of these in RE5 & RE6 then I would not have found them so unfulfilling and so far from the survival horror elements that pulled me into the series in the first place. My favorite idea of yours is to include real time changes as I believe that the main problem with RE6 was that none of the enviroments felt connected to my journey. I could not read any files or investigate any areas for a little tidbit of background story. Pretty graphics out of reach for any interesting interaction. I also agree with you when you ask for less light. The daylight destroyed RE5 before I reached chapter 2.


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