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There has always been something bothering me about the beginning of Leon´s chapter 4... Who infected the pilot? Who killed those security agents? The pilot must have been infected while flying, but there is no sign of who did it... There had to be an agent of The Family in the plane (Coccoons can´t take off and the transformation is very fast).

Please look at the first 2 mins of this youtube vid.

It´s Leon and Helena´s chapter 6 opening cutscene. This is my question: Where does Helena come from at the beggining? The cockpit? Is she the one responsible for infecting the pilot? My theory is that it is entirely possible that she is in some way controlled by The Family, since when they captured her they could have made a sleeper agent by some means, like torture or hypnosis.

Also, did anyone find it strange that at the end she isn´t punished for being part of the president´s assasination? I´m prety sure The Family played some part in it, since having a sleeper agent inside the D.S.O instead of inside a cell is surely a good move.

What do you think? I´m interested in your oppinions!


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That's actually a interesting theory, I always assumed that the pilots becoming infected with no explanation was due to bad writing, you know like Leon wants to fake his death then gets on a plane full of government agents. Anyway I'd like to see this be the case in future RE story.


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Xarls I am ashamed to admit, I have yet to play Resident Evil 6 more than a few times, due to the difficulty I have connecting with it as a satisfying survival horror experiance. So I am sorry I cannot yet contribute anything significant, but having watched that trailer it does seem to me, albeit with my very limited knowledge of the RE6 narrative, that there are 2 very suspicious, unexplained events taking place here. Why did Leon & Helena choose that particular plane for their plan, and who indeed infiltrated the cock-pit. It is an interesting theory, and does throw up the question of where Helena has come from at the start of the scene. I would like to learn more, I'm sure a more informed resident will shed light on this soon.


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Regarding the plot of RE6:


I initially wondered about the whole plane sequence but I recon that I simply shrugged it off as bad story telling.


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I feel that RE6 had an overly ambitious story that was weakened by to much growth, had it been broken down to 3 games (Edonia, Tall Oaks & Lanshiang) or even 2 games (a Carla Radames centered game & a Derek Clifford Simmons centered game) then the story of RE6 would have been more easier to manage.




Now regarding the idea of Helena Harper being a double agent:


I think there is a possibility that she could be a double agent & if I may bring my own food for thought to share with everyone here:


* Derek Clifford Simmons my have been the head of The Family but he is not The Family all by himself as The Family is a giant organization & has many other powerful movers & shakers as members.


* After Derek became an ugly monster endlessly pursuing some woman, The Family decided to both distance themselves from him as well as replace him with another member.


I bring all this up because Helena Harpers unnerving hatred is completely & utterly, 100% aimed at Derek, not The Family.


* With that in mind it would not be nessisary for The Family to brainwash Helena Harper, they could simply convince her that they are her best chance at getting revenge on Derek.


* Now before anyone mentions that Helena's sister was killed before The Family replaced Derek I must say that we have no clue how long The Family was planning to replace Derek for.


* Something I would like to bring up is that while he was a genius-perfectionist, Derek Clifford Simons leadership of The Family was terrible.


* His decision to retrieve Dr. William Birkin resulted in the Raccoon City incident, the single worst catastrophe that US.A ever suffered.


* His decision to use some kind of experimental fuel-air bomb in a special bomb attack to destroy Raccoon City forced U.S.A to turn against Umbrella Corp. in a long series of costly lawsuits.


* His obsession with Ada Wong led him to abuse his powers as he shamelessly wasted untold amounts of The Family's resources as well as the lives of thousands & thousands of woman in an insane project.


I believe that The Family wanted to get rid of Derek Clifford Simmons years before the events of RE6 but had to plan carefully because of Derek's power.


So in conclusion, I believe that The Family could have easily recruited Helena Harper to their cause to destroy Derek and now that Helena is now part of team Leon, quite useful to the family as Leon is the Chief Field Agent of D.S.O. and very talented yet not easily controlled, with Helena the family can now monitor & influence Leon's actions.



Helena Harper is one of my favorite playable characters & I would very much like to see her as well as Ingrid Hunnigan appear in future installments.


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Albert Wesker 187
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This theory does make a lot of sense perhaps she was working for Simmons and maybe Simmons moved her through the ranks it could be possible that Helena may have had Stockholm Syndrome from being captured by Simmons and watching what he did to her sister may have unlocked something inside of her. Usually people who have Stockholm Syndrome can go many ways. There are two that are more popular. Number one the captor falls in with the with the person who captured them or number two the captor hates the person so much that even if they die they still do their dirty work as well. Regarding the fact that they did not arrest her at the end was possibly because she may been an agent of the CIA and maybe they wanted to use her for other secret missions.


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I will admit to finding this debate a stretch too far when I first noticed it here but Yuan-The-11th makes some interesting points that have made me reconsider my initial dismissal. It's not mentioned enough IMO the fact that Simmons would clearly be a major liability and embarrassment to The Family, and it would be a priority for such an organisation to want stability & quiet authority as their head; Simmons was evrything that is not!

However, as to whether this lead to The Family identifying Helena Harper as the perfect agent positioned to carry out this change at the top, is doubtful IMO due to the past history she has with them, and her surely undying loyalty to her sister.



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James Marcus
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Helena working FOR the family !?! I have heard more off-beat theories, and it could be possible. I am a logical thinker, my research is based on logic and reason (which is why I had to progress from leeches to humans) and it would be more logical and reasonable for Helena to be positioned this way than the scenario where she does not work for the family. I reached that conclusion just by observing the contradictions & illogical factors surrounding her. Leon has to be told who Helena is which I immediately found strange considering who they both work for! Unless I missed a serious plot point it seemed also very odd IMO that when the outbreak sweeping Tall Oaks is revealed by Hunnigan, all Helena cares about is getting to the church on time! Also when Hunnigan explains to Helena that she has escaped all liability it would be more logical for her to be in this lucky position if she were relying on the influence of The Family - just think about it - even though she was implicated in the outbreak she's let off scot-free, and very conveniantly the whole incident is hushed up just like Raccoon City was by The Family. If we are to conclude that she does not work for the family from these facts, it is actually a more illogical conclusion!!


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To be honest I thought no one would actually take me seriously...I´m glad I was wrong! You all contributed with great logical and well defended answers, let´s wait for future games to see if we were right after all.


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Yes. About damn time someone brought this up. Only a couple of days ago I was talking to a friend about her involvement in the President and thousand's of peoples deaths in Tall Oaks. At the end I cannot remember the dialouge but it is basically this:

Helena: Oh well now thats over I better pay for my sins and involvement in the death of our President and the thousand's of innocent citizens of Tall Oaks.

Leon: Oh that old news? Nah dont worry! Its all good in the hood.

Only once I watched that cutscene because it was just so dumb! Yeah right. I dont care who you are or what you did if you caused an Outbreak your ass is going to jail.

Some very good points have been made in this thread and if they were to come true I would feel a hell of alot better about this whole situation.


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Not yet entirely sure how I feel about this theory, but I would love it if it turned out to be true! If not, I think The Family are still at the very least keeping close tabs on and manipulating her in the background. Like wicked guardian angels on her shoulder, watching over her.

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If this ever becomes true, then RE6's story was well done. Also it would set up The Family as the next 'Bad Guy'.

Man, I hope this theory is true. Now I have to replay RE6 with this theory in mind.

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