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Greetings all, after making a post on the forums already, I feel I should properly introduce myself to this kind & grand Website.

First of all, I must say that the quality of the content on this website really is premium, the fact that this website doesn't charge for membership is amazing.

Secondly, I don't understand why this fine website doesn't have entire rows of people signing up for membership, it really is a rare gem like the the Arklay Research Institute, a lonely mansion on the outside, yet amazing paintings and research on the inside. Perhaps George Trevor should relocate to Kijuju or Lanshiang?

About myself, I have been with the series since RE Directors Cut & RE2 came out, as I am an amateur historian who studies the history of women as well as corporate culture. RE a series with strong female protagonists & sinisterly detailed corporations has held my interest over the years & more then any other series.

In addition, I am also an amateur artist, specializing at drawing comic-book & video-game characters, my niche is coming up with concept art for obscure background/file only characters who have little if any pre-existing artwork.

With these talent's, I would like to be a regular poster on the forums here and perhaps a resident artist on this website as well.

P.S. Sorry if my post was long, as I never got in to e-mails & texting, my posts are always like small written letters.

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My thoughts exactly Yuan, this site should be absolutely full of members posting in the forum, the content is really premium quality and in my oppinion is the best site for Resident Evil Fans I have ever visited, I can´t imagine how much hours and effort the staff put here.

About me, I´m a former economics student, now studying a MBA and french (Trying to improve my CV) and I´m a RE fan since Director´s Cut (Masterpiece) and RE2 (Masterpiece of masterpieces)...not a big fan of the movies to be honest, although I did enjoy the first two.

By the way Yuan, Mr. Trevor announced a great 3rd anniversary special so...I think we are gonna see some nice new things soon!

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George Trevor
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An extremely generous introduction. Such a warm greeting is very kind and much appreciated. From all the staff at Crimson Head Elder, we hope you find your residence here both insightful and curious, as you discover much of our Biohazard / Resident Evil content is focused towards the older pre-Resident Evil 4 era.

If you ever have the time, it would be tremendous to see your artistic expression find its way to Alan Wenpei Mao's Resident Evil Community Art Project : Hunter edition ~

Thank you kindly again for your support of the Crimson Head Elder Forum, and I look foward with my fellow staff members fletcherc and TheOracleDragon to interacting & debating with you in our other threads.


Jessica... Lisa... Forgive me. May god justify my death in exchange for your safety.

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James Marcus
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Welcome to the forum. It's good to see another long time Resident Evil fan join the site. I imagine you are not particularily impressed with the role Capcom have allowed woman to play in the series?


I will have my revenge on Umbrella!

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Welcome. I can vouch for George Trevor. I've visited his residence. You need two keys and a valve handle just to make a cup of tea.

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Xarls, George Trevor, James Marcus & TheBatMan, thank you all for your sentiments and warm welcome.


George Trevor, I will certainly lend my talents to Alan Wenpei Mao's Resident Evil Community Art Project : Hunter edition.


James Marcus in answer to your question, I was not impressed with the role Capcom had for the female characters during RE4-RE5 period, damsels in distress (Ashley) & objectified disposable side-kicks (Excella).
RE Revelations was better but Jill needed more development as her characterization particularly her motives is hollow.
RE6 was a macho-macho man game like RE4 & RE5 but Helena, Sherry & Ada where good playable characters and got some good development. In addition Carla (pre-transformation) had the trappings of a effective & tragic villainess.


Once again, I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome.

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Greetings from CHE, we are glad you came around and joined us and our lovely family of RE fans. Here you will find a lot of unique things, news and hidden features never heard or seen in the series.


You will also find fan stories, artworks and a lot more goods. Enjoy the music and keep on coming back to the site. We are thankful you joined us.


We will never charge people to be members here, we are thankful to have a steady and growing fanbase of RE fans coming here and being able to share their thoughts, feelings opinions and artwroks or writing with us. It's really great having many new people.


Feel free to post and share any of your works here with us, many folks will adore looking at tehm and enjoy it at the same time. I myself am the author of Resident Evil: Shane's Story (where some works are shared as well, drawn by a friend) the story is also called R.E.S.S. for short, haha


'The screams, the shouts, the pain, the nightmares...they'll never leave me, that asylum will never leave me...I suffer from it every passing night...what does Umbrella want of me?' - Shane Burns

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