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Hello Everyone I just joined this site....this is the best RE site i have seen...loving the podcast and articles...i m hooked on this site....RE is my favourite gaming series....My fav is Remake,RE1,RE2,RE3,RE4,RECV,RE revelations....RE1 psx being my most favourite game...I love to play in advance mode with chris and REmake Real survivor being my favourite difficulty...Till this day i play original RE over and over again and again...

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Welcome to our forum! :)


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Thanks i really looking forward to discuss and talk about resident evil....

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George Trevor
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Greetings Naveed, and thank you for your supportive comments - it's heartening to have such an enthusiastic resident join our community. You have actually joined Crimson Head Elder at our quietest time, since our exclusive Catherine Disher & Yasuhisa Kawamura interviews our staff have taken a much deserved break from biohazard.... but we're all gearing up for the site's 3rd Anniversary in March !


Jessica... Lisa... Forgive me. May god justify my death in exchange for your safety.

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Welcome and thank you for joining us, please enjoy yourself in checking things out and ensure you follow the rules. We have plenty of goodies here and many advid fans of Resident Evil. 


'The screams, the shouts, the pain, the nightmares...they'll never leave me, that asylum will never leave me...I suffer from it every passing night...what does Umbrella want of me?' - Shane Burns

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