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Resident Evil theories researched
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Umbrella Corps might be the newly reformed HCF
051 12 days ago
Theory #2: Alan Droney from RE7 might still be alive and possibly shown in the RE8 trailer.
042 2 weeks ago
The Connections might be revealed to be the rebel branch of Umbrella similar to how Neo-Umbrella was a branch of The Family
148 2 weeks ago
Random Observations
31080 2 weeks ago
Resident Evil 8 Village - Thoughts?
10345 2 weeks ago
Leon's inconsistent hair color
53080 1 months ago
Spencer Mansion fireplace mystery
5489 3 months ago
Resident Evil Reimaging evidence?
4132 3 months ago
Uroboros Inspiration Thoughts
5290 3 months ago
Biohazard Real Life Locations
82350 8 months ago
Lore Questions
0397 over a year ago
Breakdown of the Viruses
273363 over a year ago
RE2make environment analysis
81229 over a year ago
A theory on Leon's RE2make uniform
2819 over a year ago
Combining The Evil: Supplements
7471 over a year ago
The Uber Licker
11380 over a year ago
LIN Theories & Observations
221483 over a year ago
How the Glasp Works
6806 over a year ago
Real Life Raccoon City Investigation
4596 over a year ago
Queen Zenobia ARG
41133 over a year ago
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