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Some fans (usually hardcore and often old) are looking for these live actors since nearly 23 years now,I remember myself hopping naively to get the full names of the actors credited in the director's cut when it was released in '97...

Tons of theories were discussed and a lot of rumours too.Wrong facts were stated too (Una Kavanagh...).And they still stick to thee days. As you may know already, half of the cast was found last year and confirmed, an unnamed friend of Charlie Kraslavsky recognized him and the info leaked around august 2017, in the meantime the next month I've found Greg Smith with a friend Dr Raichi,later I've tried to get in touch with Charlie and he accepted to talk about his souvenirs , and what he remembered about the actor playing Wesker helped Sammy Scott to find Eric Pirius in october.We're still trying to find Jason, Linda and Inezh.Charlie is really cool and helped our cause a lot. We think all the actors used their real first name, and according to Charlie all the actors were potencially hired by Inagawa Motoko Office in Tokyo, I was told that they use to pay in cash and keep no record, but this is something I would like to check out.

Maybe there are traces.We need someone fluent in japanese, and if possible living in Japan who could try to contact this company directly. This search is really a team work and I think the more people will help the more results we'll get. Please ignore the people who call you and me stalkers or crazies, they're just a waste of time and they couldn't be more wrong, the actors can keep their privacy if they want to. Charlie, Greg and Eric were absolutely unaware of the search and I think same goes for the three remaining actors.On a side note, we always ask to the actors if they're okay with their names being displayed, by principe.

Here's hopping that you're as excited as us.You can check the blog out which is updated depending of whats happening.


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Officer Lovett
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I stumbled upon this blog a while ago and these are some of the coolest RE-related interviews I've ever read, thanks for all your hard work. It was cool to find out that the concept drawings did in fact come before the actors, and I still laugh when I think about what Charlie (Chris) said about Eric (Wesker) riding his bike around Tokyo "like a crazy man", the mental image of Wesker as a bad cyclist is hilarious.

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