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Hey all fellow Crimson Heads. Just wanted to give all of our members here an update on what is going on with the site. I realise the forum has became a bit slower the last few weeks and I haven't been helping the threads here so wanted to explain why.


The main reason is that I have been focusing on content for the site. Instead of making a thread I have been spending time turning (normally what would be threads) into more in depth articles/editorials. I have around 4 projects on the go at once. I am not ready to announce these as of now but I feel confident there is something there for everyone.


As well as this I am also working on several translations. One which I can talk about and others which we will announce at a later date and I have been working alongside others who we are extremely grateful to for their time and dedication. I cannot speak on behalf of the other staff here but I can say I know they are all always working on new things for us to add to the site.


Just because we have been getting a lot of feedback about "our next podcast" I would like to address at this time they are on a brief hiatus. We are focusing on adding more content to the site at this time which I know GT has been very busy with as well as USSCommand and Oracle. The podcast will resume their regular programming in due time.

Rarities Update

In the meantime check out the Rarities section for the "Resident Evil 7 Concept Art" that GT has added.

Social Media

The social media channels banner has undergone a new look thanks to GT.

Join our main Facebook page here. For major site update news & Resident Evil main stream news please visit here.

For our interactive group with regular updates such as texture drops, collection sharing, site news and all things you won't find on the main channels I highly recommend joining us on social media to follow more of these updates. or alternatively search Survival Horror Mansion.

If you are a member of the Twitterverse you can find all things Survival Horror here with retweets from other channels and of course our own regarding Resident Evil/Horror related gaming projects and news.

Finally you can check out our YouTube channel where all the podcasts are hosted, as well as rare trailers and gameplay footage among many other things.

For anyone not following us on social media here is a few of our recent updates.

A texture translation from Revelations 2 which reads "dedication to the unity of the rich island".

I also recently posted the Prologue for Rose Blank, the German fan made novel that Capcom published during a competition where the best two novels would be published. This is the first of the two novels. I am roughly a quarter of the way through this one. It is not my main priority among my projects so please stay paitent on this one it will be completed eventually.

Rose Blank Prologue

A shrill electronic sound permeated the forest. Reena Mittford begins to move with floating motions, because the air had an almost water-like viscosity and had to be literally ousted. She reached out to touch the branch that appeared above her head. So far, so good.

She could feel the wood, which was hard to bend, in the palm of her hand. But when she let go of the branch, it shot back with unreal verve to its original position and swung for a while, as if it were made of rubber. She stood cautiously on the floor. It felt different than soft earth, it was more like she was stepping on hard rubber. Similar to the way the branch had felt, she was even more aware of the feeling that it had to have something artificial to do with it. She felt like that American on his walk across the moon's surface. Her step, too, was wavering; she drifted through the forest more than she walked. Between the trees, in the darkness, she could see the malicious ridge of the Agua volcano shining in the distance in a silvery light.

The background noise in the headphones became abruptly louder, and Reena instinctively pressed her hands against her ears. But a moment later, she inevitably had to grin about her amateurish reaction. Of course, the sound did not become too much, just because she kept her ears covered. The audio noise which occurred was an inherent problem with this device, a chronic disease, so to speak. For six months, Reena had been involved in this project as a technician. She had daily use of the machine, but as much as she was familiar with its operation, there was no way to stop it. As an operator, she had reached a dead end.

"Liquid Sensory Virtual Reality Mechanism" was the name given by the manufacturer to this basin, which was filled with high-viscosity bearing fluid. It was connected to three supercomputers that were responsible for controlling the machine. The staff of the facility simply called it "tank".

Anyone who saw the Anglae was initially overwhelmed by the imposing sight of the tank, from whose clumsy, cheap form the internal name had been derived. A metal cube with a side length of five meters.

One-third of the VR space was occupied by the huge structure; countless cables ran from it to the high-performance computers embedded in the wall. They were the brain of the monstrous machine, and the mathematic operations in it brought the virtual world to life. The movements of the person who slipped into a special suit were recorded by means of the sensors mounted in the tank, which also measure the flows within the suspension fluid. The three supercomputers processed the data in parallel with each other and calculated all changes, as well as interactions with environments and objects in real time. The results were projected onto the VR glasses without delay.

In addition to all the visual elements, the tank was also able to play noises over the audio device used for its storeroom exchanges. In addition, it was able to pump appropriate amounts of air into the suit by compressors, which were incorporated in various places, so that the human body interacted with a world that felt quite real.

The subject was under the illusion of actually being in the mountains of Guatemala.

The mountain range, the forest, the moonlit highlands - all that Reena's eyes showed was based on satellite data. She had accurately scanned the topography of the Guatemalan highlands - even before this research station had been built. A faint sound that sounded a bit like a whipping wind made the dark silhouette of the trees shiver, taking on Reena's entire field of vision. It looked as if the forest had been made to laugh by being tickled.

The rough resolution of the monitors was due to the virtual world itself, which had been deliberately created this way. If one increased the precision too much, the noise became even more intrusive. Reena was an operator and did not know the details of the operating system. But at least she knew that the program would automatically submit the compression of the sound data as soon as the upper limit of processable data was exceeded. And the more you downgraded the graph, the better in turn, the sound quality.

For example, the extremely complex trees consisted of just twenty fractal patterns. And if one watched the night sky a little more attentively through the gaps between the branches, it was unthinkable that the innumerable stars bedded in the dark did not make out the flickering in the real world due to air pollution. It was in the starry sky so just a kind of "wallpaper" that pretended to be more than it actually was in the background.

Even the moon, which plastically staged the dense, labyrinthine forest with its rich, dull white light, was about 380,000 kilometers from the earth, but merely a light source fixed by the program.

Since the pressure on the respiratory system at this facility was a serious problem, one could not experience the same carefree and refreshing sensation as walking in the real world in a breezy mountain landscape. Due to the unstable positional feeling and the fact that the treaded ground had an unnatural elasticity, the test person was guaranteed to feel weird, if he was not used to the machine. But for Reena it was a fantastic feeling to immerse her body in this digital sea, which she could hardly escape.

The stressful everyday life gradually fell away from her, and she could enjoy moments she had all to herself. Just let your mind wander, free yourself from all thoughts and fully enjoy the created world... In here, in this quiet and peaceful space, detached from the outer world, the curse-laden "Project Rose" had no meaning, just like the arguments with her superiors. And just as now, Reena hid in the seceracy of the virtual world.

In the distance rose a mountain range and over her head the pale light of the moon shone. Everything that this world offered was unique to Reena's eyes and existed solely for her.

Huddled, she floated in the tank with her eyes closed, merging with the sea of illusions. Whole swarms of bees whirred past her ears. But when she focused for a moment on what was beyond the electronic storerooms, at that very moment she heard a sound effect that somehow seemed inappropriate. A lark-man singing an opera song would certainly sound more passionate in nature...

It reminded her of her home village in Cornwall. The village gave a simple and idyllic impression, the people knew each other, and a familiar face was never more than a stone's throw away. At the bottom of her heart she had spent every single day there with a certain impatience and restlessness. Later, she graduated from the university and left home to work as a technician in a demanding profession. But her true self might still be asleep in that home village.

And this tricky illusion, commonly referred to as "memory," gave itself access in this closed sphere to capture Reena. Nobody could escape that.

Reena opened her eyes. There was something audible behind all the stuttering noise that sounded like music. What could it be? Mozart? Or maybe her senses played a joke on her and made it just sound like a melody?

No, that was the "requiem". A smile crossed over Reena's lips, but in the next moment that expression froze.

"You can not go out! Outside rages a plague! "

There was no doubt about it, it was a clear voice.

The torrment of the noise had eaten into the deepest windings of her brain and raged there. Still, she was sure she had just heard a voice.

When she raised her right hand to call the virtual keyboard for communication, the scenery changed suddenly. The textures on the tree models had suddenly disappeared and what had only just been a forest now became a tangle of lines: the grid of the backdrop, which gradually faded away.

The image of a city beyond the mountain ridge appeared in front of Reena like a mirage from nowhere. The city was on fire.

This new environment image was so clear, as real as it could possibly exist in a virtual world. Then the flames took up the entire field of vision, and suddenly Reena was in the midst of the blazing houses.

She wanted to scream, but her voice drowned silently behind her oxygen mask. The sight that presented itself was incredible. People were killing each other, there was a terrible mess - people... were hunting for people!

And it was not just one or two. Everywhere in the streets indescribable horror unfolded. Cannibalism dominated the scene.

Countless cars were parked on sidewalks and burned to wrecks. The houses and buildings, too, were caught in the conflagration and towered like giant torches, emitting fat dark smoke. Under the black sky, countless groups of people wandered about. The City shook from screams that pierced all the streets, and the ear-splitting noise mingled with a merciless roar and raged in Reena's headphones.

Panic-stricken, she did not rationalise the situation, the most obvious solution she knew of but could not control her panic. The protocol was to initiate an emergency shutdown of the virtual reality machine.

She tried desperately to run, but as in a sadistic nightmare, she just stayed on the spot. Tears came to her eyes, and she tried to push the sticky air masses away from her, paddling wildly and haphazardly. The image that the computer displayed on the monitors of the glasses blurred through the tears in her eyes to a contourless, red-black mud. Beyond her dull sight, she saw a small basketball hoop. Her world filled with loud reverberating laughter that seemed to echo directly through the earphones into the brain.

Emily Ran had just finished her late lunch and was on her way back to the lab when she noticed that something was not right in the virtual reality room. She heard the alarm siren coming from behind the door. She tilted her head skeptically and carefully opened the sliding door. The next moment she could hear the alert coming from the machine room.

"The recommended maximum stay for VR subjects is exceeded. Stop the simulation immediately! "

She looked from the entrance from one end of the room to the other. What she saw was a square area that had a side length and height of about ten meters each. But in this simple room, with walls of raw concrete, there was no sign of human presence.

There was only this colossal tank and a table next to it. A small alarm light flashed on the cream-colored computer terminal. That was the sign that the VR simulation had been aborted prematurely. The 20-inch monitor flickered for a brief moment, looking like a city dipped in red - but the image vanished immediately afterwards.

What... was that?

Emily stood there in shock, staring unbelievably at the blackened monitor. Then she snapped out of it and shook her head excitedly.

There is someone in the tank! Shot her through the head.

She stormed into the area, dove to the wall-mounted intercom and called hastily: "Carmen! Give a warning through the net!"

"Process is being executed" answered a feminine-sounding electronic voice from the speaker. Emily climbed the ladder by the side of the tank, opened the round hatch, and looked in. Inside, she saw an impotent person swimming in the abundant sustenance. Had it not been for the oxygenation of the suit, Reena Mittford would have been drowned like a dead fish on the surface.

There were loud footsteps coming from the entrance. A blue-uniformed security guard stormed into the room. Emily called to him from above, from the edge of the tank, the words: "Get someone from the medical personnel! There was an accident! "

The man hastily turned on his heel and ran back out into the corridor.

"Use Carmen!" Emily told him, but he did not seem to hear her anymore. She let out a sigh and looked inside the tank. In order not to fall in, she stood with legs apart so that she had the best possible position. She stretched out her hands to Reena, grabbed tight and pulled with all her strength. Her hands and sleeves were bathed in yellowish-green fluid. Emily shifted her body weight forward to lift the load up straight, like a weightlifter. She finally managed to lift Reena from the tank.

While Emily tried to catch her breath, she looked at Reena lying on the floor in front of her. She quickly took her VR glasses, mask and half the suit off. The fluidity that had soaked Reena's long hair dripped stickily to the floor.

Emily put her hand on Reena's cheek and wanted to address her. At that moment, Reena grabbed Emily's arm and her fingernails dug deep into her skin. Emily clenched her teeth and only just about managed to suppress a scream. Gently, she reached for her hand, and pulled it away from her arm and said, as calmly as possible: "Reena Mittford, it's me. Do you know who is speaking to you? Emily Ran."

"Mrs. Project Manager ..." Reena's eyes were glassy and showed no emotion. "Alma is in the VR simulation. I am Alma ... "

Reena kept repeating the same fragments of words, nodding steadily, her expression was emotionless.

More updates on the way.

Other updates

I have been working on texture ripping from various games so look for those to be updated to the forum and rarities at some point.

That is all I can discuss as of now, cannot go into detail about some of the projects as of yet but I just wanted to update everyone that there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes from all staff and we are excited to release these installments to you asap. Thanks for your dedication to the site all and hope you enjoy what is to come.


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But it's non-canon, you can't be caught reading that!

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This all sounds good with upcoming stuff and all for CHE,sorry I have not been active here myself, which I'm hoping some furture announcements from Capcom will also help get things a buzzing again here.
The Rose Blank prologue was a good read so far, I look forward to seeing more of this. Thanks again, BSAArklay for posting that and other content you put on here! 


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