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AvP Ryu
Posts: 72

Next July 12th will be the 16th anniversary of the first Resident Evil movie. Controversial, loved by some and hated by others.

On the 12th or 15th of July, I would like to have a chat conversation.

Where we would discuss the following topics:

The Biohazard Film 4d Executer.

The Original and Novel Script versus the Final Movie.

The Alternative Ending, against The End of the Movie.

The canon against non-canon

The Characters and BOWs.

The Red Movie Queen vs. Umbrella Game Chronicles

The damn sequels.

The legacy and future.

USS Command, BSAArklay, George Trevor and the rest of the staff are invited to attend.

The only thing I ask is respect the opinions of others. And I know there are people who hate the movie. If you want to leave your opinion leave constructive criticism.

I just wait for response if people want to do this on the 12th or 15th of this month.


Computer geeks ....we’re not so easy to kill.

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USS Command
Posts: 289
Just to put this out there, I have transcribed the newspaper from the end of the movie. Also, there's a japanes novelization as well written by the same guy who did Umbrella Chronicals novel, if I'm not mistaken.

Yeah? Well, fuck you too photobucket.

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Posts: 174
The first movie was alright to me. I went into it with no expectations and I did enjoy it some. It's when they started adding in the characters from the games and having them play second fiddle to Alice that turned me off. Sienna Guillory was alright as Jill and Ali Larter was ok as Claire. But I felt Chris,Carlos,and Leon were miscasted. IMO that is. I didn't like what they did with Ada either. Plus you had Alice getting these super powers and things getting matrix-ey. Hiroyuki Kobayashi worked on there as a supervisor too I think. Probably why we started seeing the laser room from the 1st movie appearing in some of the games. I'm not one for Anderson's movies, but if others enjoy it,it's all good. I wonder what James Wan will bring to the rebooted movies.
July 12, 2017 at 7:10 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Sonny Bauer
Posts: 24
The first movie is the only one I like. It described itself as a prequel to the first game, until RE0 came out the same year and negated it, but it worked well as its own story. I liked how the only monsters that the characters fought were zombies, cerberus, and the boss was the licker. It just seemed appriopriate for a first film and on the "less is more" perspective. Introducing more enemies later could have worked, but Alice became superhuman in the next one and I found myself wanting Nemesis to kill her instantly and just chase after Jill.
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AvP Ryu
Posts: 72

Well thank you, USS Command, ResiEvilChic99 and Sonny Bauer.

They were the only ones to make a post. Out of 69 people who visited this post, you were the one to speak. Well, the hatred for the movie, must feed the dark side of the force ...

Back to the topic, this is more to talk about the original movie than the sequels. But did you know that the screenwriter of Event horizon, try to make the writing the sequel? Supposedly Paul Andreson says no to them. Their idea was to ignore Alice's story, try to adapt the story of RE2.

If it was not PA, it would be Capcom or Constantin Film to say no to the idea.

I'll leave the two review videos of the original movie. They are fans of the game, they hate the movies. But in the end they affinity that the first is the one less bad and perhaps the only decent.


Computer geeks ....we’re not so easy to kill.

July 14, 2017 at 8:03 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 174
So they wanted to ignore Alice and make a movie similarly based on RE2? Wonder how that might of turned out. Didn't Paul say he wasn't allowed to follow the plot of the games closely for the movies or something like that? Milla supposedly really wanted to play Jill. I agree with the vids. First movie was ok but the rest becomes intolerable.
July 15, 2017 at 10:58 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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