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George Trevor
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Crimson Head Elder is proud and privileged to announce the star guest of our next podcast; the highly & multi-talented Katie O'Hagan, Capcom's lead actress for Resident Evil 7 protagonist Mia Winters. Not only a professionally trained actress of stage & screen, Katie is also an extremely accomplished SFX make-up artist. This is your chance to connect with a lead cast member of the series by having your chosen questions posed live during our exclusive interview!

More news will be posted here on further features to look out for on the Crimson Head Elder Podcast file #10, and until then we look forward to our residents and the wider survival horror community posting their questions for Katie O'Hagan below:

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USS Command
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I just wanna know one thing. How fun was it to go from nice and caring to full on pshyco, and back again in mere moments?


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This is awesome and a great delight having another voice actress joining us in an interview.

1: How did Capcom get hold of you to do Mia? Mia made a large impact for players playing the game, she scared so many when she grabbed the chainsaw.

2: Did you enjoy playing out Mia in the motion capture? Changing from being sneaky good woman to that of being possessed into a murderous rage? The chainsaw moment is a love and fear!

3:Was there any funny moments during recording or bloopers?


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Albert Wesker 187
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I want to start off by wanting to say it is an honor, privilege, and a benediction to have the very pulchritudinous and accomplished Katie O'hagan on our podcast. I want to thank her for taking time from her assiduous schedule to partake on the Crimson Head Elder podcast my questions are as followed:

1. What are the major differences between union and non-union work?

2. is joining an acting union like the SAG-AFTRA necessary to get a sizable amount of work?

3. What is  the usual process that goes into getting cast in an average acting or voice acting role?


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1. Are you a fan of the series? If so, were you before or after taking on this wonderfully complicated role?

2. Did you play any of the previous games in the series or any game in general, perhaps even non-survival horror, to help prepare yourself to play the part of Mia? If so, which titles were the most helpful in better getting in the mode of the character?

3. Were any books, films, or perhaps previous roles of yours at all contributing, helpful factors in preparing to play the part of Mia? If so, which and why?

4. My wife and I sort of had a debate on this one, so I would like your opinion: Mia and Alan seemed to have a close familiarity interacting with each other on the boat, but was this simply a close friend and long-time co-worker relationship or were there any romantic feelings there as well? Was Mia living a double life in more ways than one or was her heart only loyal to Ethan? Their marriage was clearly more than a cover and meant something to her, so seeing her interact with someone else whom her husband didn't know she was close with on some level got me a little curious.

5. What was your favorite scene/dialogue to record, both as Mia while sane and infected?

6. Do you see any similarities between your character and Ada Wong? Do you see Mia as Ada's successor in the series in any way or just a new addition with her own flavor brought to the table?

7. How would you say your relations with the other cast and developers on this project were? Be honest, did you and Todd Soley get flirty for real? Would you say you've made any lasting friendships working on this project?

8. Without spoiling any plans for the future, are you excited about or looking forward to being asked to do another game, in or outside of this series?

9. What is your weapon of choice in a BIOHAZARD outbreak?

10. Do you have a favorite character besides Mia, perhaps from another game in the series?


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Alan Wenpei Mao
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1. Did the Capcom producer or director want to you to go a certain direction for the role?

2. Have you seen any of the Resident Evil movies? Do you have a favorite movie of the bunch?

3. What is your favorite hobby?

4. Can you relate to your character on a certain level?

5. What is the first thing you will do in a post-apocalyptic world?:)


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James Marcus
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Capcom are notoriously secretive when it comes to their voice actors and what they can publicly reveal whilst a game is still in the development stages, so 1) How far into your auditioning process did you get before you were told you were on the set of Resident Evil 7?

And 2) What was it like to be kept in the dark about the world your character would be placed in for any part of that process?


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Awesome guest, can't wait to hear all that Katie has to say. Could Katie please explain what was the most challenging part of the character and given the chance would she change anything about her delivery? Again this is going to be awesome :D



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The Fear Merchant
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If given the opportunity; would you like to play Mia Winters in a live action adaptation of Resident Evil 7?

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First of all I cant help but notice that your IMDB states that you grew up in Crystal Lake? (Friday the 13th) How cool is that. Have you played the RE7? If yes, do you recall anything you recorded that did not make the cut.

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Did you get to play through Biohazard 7 after it was released? If so what did you think about it? 

Lastly, the way you portrayed Mia when she was under control of Evelyn was no doubt the most frightening and terrifying part of the game for me. How did you get your influence for portraying her in that state?

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Morpheus Duvall
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Tike215 at May 18, 2017 at 2:42 PM

Did you get to play through Biohazard 7 after it was released? If so what did you think about it? 

Lastly, the way you portrayed Mia when she was under control of Evelyn was no doubt the most frightening and terrifying part of the game for me. How did you get your influence for portraying her in that state?

wanted to also ask what it was like portraying one character with two personalities. Did the director ask you to crank up the crazy for Mia's possessed incarnation? Can I also ask how you became interested and so adept at SFX makeup?


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May 23, 2017 at 4:03 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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What did you loved and hated about voicing Mia?

Did you played the game or any past ones from the series?

What was your favorite character other than Mia in the game?


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Ray Redfield
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Hi Miss Katie, much love from Malaysia. <3 I really love the work you put into voicing Mia Winters. It was filled with so much emotions of sadness but at the same time creeping me so much. It was a really amazing voice acting which might have been very difficult but since you are such a great voice actor, you managed to do it with so much energy that it became a very important aspect in Resident Evil 7. You gave us the eerie atmosphere that has always been missing in the previous REs. And I'm so honoured to have you being interviewed by our top Elders. 

My questions are as following :

1) When you were casted as Mia Winters, what was the first thing that pops in your mind of having to act as 2 personalities in the same character?

2) If you could choose between Mia and Zoey, who would you choose?

3) Will you be acting again for Resident Evil given the chance because I was seriously enticed by your brilliant act? :3 


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What was your first impression about mia when you first read about her and her backstory?
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1. Are you good at using power tools in real life... like say for example a chainsaw?

2. If you were put in Ethans postion. Would you try to save your significant other or cut your losses and go back home?


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