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Ray Redfield
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 photo residentschesb3_zpsolktultx.jpg

I don't really know how long has it been since my last post here however I do miss hanging out in the forums even though I am more to being a lurker as in stalking and reading whatever you people posted. I think I was one of the early members here. :D Which was a privilege as well. When I looked back at my earlier post, it was embarassingly funny because I was still 19 years old? I was still a teen, pretty much still have that kiddish and childish behaviour. Now I'm 24 and well... time flies right? 

I guess I should introduce myself again. I am from Malaysia, I have played quite a number of Resident Evil games and have been updating myself with the latest one which is RE 7 featuring new characters. My most favourite have to be Dead Aim.The others ones that I played are RE 4, RE 5, Outbreak 1 and 2 and some others that maybe I have played when I was little. I also play some other horror games like Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Forbidden Siren and others. I am a digital/fine artist. Majoring in animation, will be graduating this year with Bachelors Degree in Technology in Visual arts. :) 

I joined the last Skype session with the team few days ago and it was fun discussing about the game. I realized that other than 3 people that I know from years ago, I met some new ones who are undoubtedly knowledgable but most importantly passionate about this game that we all love. They are a bunch of undeniably strong spirited and awesome. I really enjoyed their ways of thinking and opinions. I would like to know more about them too, I hope. English is not my first language, it has indeed been a long time since I talked to anyone online... which is why I didn't contribute much in that session. :D But I did enjoy it a lot. It was really good. I managed to share a lot though.

But I somehow didn't manage to share my thoughts on Ethan's character and how he wanted to save his wife. If you get a good ending, that means you might have thought that Ethan's mission was to save her in the first place and that's all that mattered.

Lol, I mean how far can you go in loving someone who was trying to kill you so badly ( even though she was infected by the virus )? Anyways, that inspired this painting that I made. I hope people can relate to the sacrifice we had to make in order to be with the person you love. This is very cheesy. But if you look at in a different way, I find it really romantic. Some people might say ' Is this bitch even worth it? '. Well, when you love someone, nothing will ever change... you might keep a gun just in case hehe but I'm just kidding.

Anyways, I know I might be late, but happy Valentine's day. I don't celebrate it but love is everyday. Hope you people enjoyed celebrating it with the people and hobbies that you love. And I hope to talk to anyone who wants to be friends. <3 Take care and much lurve. Btw he doesn't have eyes because we don't really know what he looks like lol. 


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Albert Wesker 187
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Your drawing, like that of most cartoonists, is intended first of all to be functional: to create believable space and communicate information. Your strongest point in drawing has always been your ability to show characters' nonverbal communication through facial expression and posture.

This is a magnificient drawing I would expect nothing less from someone as talented as you 8) thank you for sharing this picture with the community I am sure a lot of people will love it. Nonetheless, after seeing this drawing I want to play Resident Evil 7 once again excellent work.


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Very nice photo, she looks like a mother crying for her lost baby too :)

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Ray Redfield did you draw that picture? That is meant to be Ethan I guess? I heard you on the podcast - you were awesome Ray Redfield, I hope we hear from you again on another podcast :)



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