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If it's horror you are looking for as long as Kobayashi is Producing these movies you won't find it here. Vendetta was proposed as this horror movie which everyone besides Kobayashi wanted. However Kobayashi Vs the entire development team and mass population of fans = Kobayashi wins. The team wanted a horror movie but he wanted action so the first 10 minutes was horror with the rest action. They also wanted Sheva Alomar instead of Leon but god forbid we cannot not give him everything he wants. Another case of Producer Vs the audience. The Producer always wins.

The next movie is already being talked about. The development team want Jill Valentine as the lead with another female protag possibly Helena. A female antag and a child or dog to show the characters motherly sides. All this and what does Kobayashi say? 'Leon has to be in it.' Oh of course nobody expected anything less. We are only the paying audience. Never had a problem with Kobayashi or these movies until I saw his recent. He should be demoted to Capcom's cafeteria and he probably wouldn't even get that right. If someone asked for a coffee he would bring them a milkshake because he likes those better.


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