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Thanks a lot for this info BSAArklay!"They suggest that Chris sits on her bed so brazen and what are his ulterior motives." What did they mean by that? Lmao at "Mr. Kobayashi at least, would take place in 2010. Pre RE6? Mr Kobayashi, maybe spend more time checking that timeline and less time adoring over LeonĂ??s hair?" They sounded obsessed with Rebecca's looks, sure they weren't projecting themselves on her coworker Arlon?
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Here's a video interview with producers Kobayashi and takashi shimizu and director takanori tsujimoto:
They were talking about things they'd like to see in future cgi films. Tsujimoto said this "This time it was more Chris' story, and the buddy movie with Leon worked well, but Leon was sort of a side character. Next time I'd like to do Leon as the lead and Chris as the side character in another buddy movie.”
So he wants to see Leon and Chris working together again if he's directing I guess. Now Mamoru Oshii stated back that he would like a female cast with Jill and the possibility of Helena if he were offered to direct the next film. Nothing is set in stone at the moment as to how the next film will go but Jill better be in it. Claire,Ada,and Rebecca have been in them. Jill is the only established female character of the series to have not been in a cgi film yet. 

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I would make rather see a Jill and Helena movie but so long as Kobayashi is attached to the project it wont matter. Prepare for more Leon.


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