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Some RE7 Observations! I'll post more as I get to them. I'm doing all this on madhouse to get an extra kick with getting these.

One thing I noticed as I was doing this was, on the Xbox One version at least, the textures would go from high to low res and back again over and over. This was quite annoying,as it took up 5 minutes or longer for them to become readable again. THEN sometimes they stayed readable for a few seconds!

Food products

For Cake and Bread: Half Whole Flour: Gold Digus. it comes in blue, red and yellow bags.
Kijimossu: 10 pack. looks like tea or coffee.
Miya-Take: Spaghetti: Cottura Bminuti Kochzeti Bminuten
Chipp's: Louisiana. WIN WEEKLY PRIZES. LCS.
Kayow Bread

Canned foods

nishilla some type of can food.
Gamizi: Cream of Celery.
Gamizi: Diced Tomatoes Vaule
MEAT. RE SPAM knock off.
Orital Chili Beans

Dulvey Beer seems to be the Baker’s favorite beer. Its got a gaiter on the logo and the label ALB is just below the cap.

Other products

There is a gallon of bleach that reads HeyBro Disinfectant Wipes. It's some kind of brand as another green gallon reads HeyBro: Feel fresh. It says something else above the HeyBro logo, but I can only make out “if I like” so it may be gibberish.

TTV’s Laundry Detergent: 00: Super Ultra Bubbly Clean!

There's boxes with the number “7” written in red. The word above is scribbled out. I can make out the following letters: H A R/D A* A I/T A. could be a name, but I dont know capcom staff names.

Smile Twirling is a bored game. There are two other bored games under it, if I find them elsewere I'll post.

There's 3 record in the game but I can only make out the one that reads "Antonio Joe." The rest are just out of range where I can't read them. Maybe someone with VR can get a better look?

The following titles are of all books/magazines found laying around the game. The size of them range and change from being a magazine to a really thick book.

The Unveiled Abyss(I chose to include this just for the list)
Gun Journal: Gun History.
Cooking Life.
All Hail Caesar
Unnerving Combat
Mounted Animals
Wartime Photojournalism
They Killed Him
Creator's Rites
Sudden Mystery.
Fighting Street
Beautiful Home
Murder in Cleveland
Living Well
Fishing 11
Heartless Betrayal
Undercover Thrill
Pluto’s Predicament
End of the Void
Sunday Romance
Hunting Life

Nonreadible Notes(Or notes you cant press A to read)

“Where's my mower?!
Has anybody seen my leg?”

“The [scribbled out]
Birthday ends!
[Scribbled out] is not dead!”

“Every hand(?) Look at the maer(?) [Slightly damaged by water] lier(?) ded redteg(?) Dead by dawn! Dead by dawn! DEAD BY DAWN! DEAD DEAD DEAD” Just to note it may be drown instead of dawn it's had to make out.

“To Do List
-Buy more (?)
-buy more (?)
-Make (?) Map(?)
-buy more (?)”

“Dead by dawn!
Dead by dawn!
I sick on this (?)
(?) It's okay
(Can't make out anything else)”


There's ALOT of ripped up thermal insulation down in the crawlspace.

The clock at the dining area seems to stopped on 10:15. I just realized they all are… solely for that puzzle. Surely another reason coulda been thought up.

The Albert-01R has an animation error. When you reload the mag is clipping through the grip of the gun.

The Cassette tapes on Madhouse have a side A and a side B but they can only be used once.

The shotgun shells are called Steel Boy.

The handgun bullets are Maximum Standard.

The Defense Coin has a Crown on one side and a woman on the back.

Ethan's car keys have an “I” logo.

You can't leave the garage without the Glock.

Despite Jack shooting his own head off with the Glock, you don't lose ammo. I personally think that should be a thing on madhouse.

The license plate in the garage reads

BWY 777

There's street signs in the garage as well, they read

“NO PARKING ANY TIME.” Could be how Jack kidnapped people, removed parking signs and what not.

“CROSS AT YOUR OWN RISK.” There's 3 of them, could be the same as above.

And one's an arrow showing where to turn off.


"I can see.... EVERYTHING!"

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