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I'd like for everyone to take a second look at DMC. I'm going through it now, and there are lots of things I missed first time round.

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Just looking at some screenshots and this game's enviroments do scream Resident Evil.


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USS Command
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Welsh, sorry for no reply. Have been busy with college and then I got back into rev2 Raid mode. 

"Have you been extracting textures?" Sadly no. I no longer have a computer. I have been looking at people's art work using Textures, maps, and modes ripped from the games for programs like SFM, Gmod, and Xnalara. All of these using my tablet.

"Do you have a higher resolution image of the door?" Nope, just saw it had words on them and look them up. I honestly thought it was going to be a missed placed door from a deleted scenario.

As for ORC, I started this tread to show people that ORC actually had ALOT of nice little details that could easily fit into people's personal headcanon. Redherb IPA, for example, is a cool idea why wouldn't a local brewery try and use a local ingredients in its beer? Anyway I know in the end it's not canon, but as I noted, The Real uses assets from ORC, the head guy working on the game said he shared everything with capcom Japan, and the Disk two from the Japanese special addition shows capcom was in constant contact with them. So who knows maybe some of these small details will make there way into RE2make. 

I do plan on doing Outbreak, actually have some some posted but with my PS2 on its last leg I've been putting it off. I'm working on getting a new one soon so I'll definitely go through it. I also plan on doing RE6 but I'm going to hold off and see if that RE6 HD rumor is true first. 

But I will keep up the good, someone has to show the textures artist some love! Even it they burn my eyes because of how blurry and shiny they decided to make them!(I'm talking about ORC)


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USS Command
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Ada's Report from Damnation. It's kinda hard to read, but if someone would be so kind to transcribe the higher resolution here and other will be very thankful!


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Here you go USSCommand. Only one word I could not understand but I think it explains itself anyway.

Ada’s Report

Licker BOW

Lickers are a result of the T – Virus further infestation within humans and un-dead. Their muscle tissues and brains are literally uncovered and their physical abilities are significantly enhanced compared to those of a normal human being. The Licker – B is a ‘freak of nature’ evolution B.O.W. derived from the Licker.

While the Licker was originally a human infected by T – Virus, researches of Tricell Inc. have used progenitor virus to make further enhancements. In the process they ended up creating a whole bunch of Lickers.

The Licker has lost most of its sight. In return its hearing and sense of smell has been enhanced substantially. Its hands and feet grow large claws that allow it to crawl along walls and ceilings.

When it senses its prey, it lands on the floor and attacks its prey with its claw and long tongue.

Several Lickers were witnessed in many areas of the civil war battlefield the red area in fig.3-1 (a) shows the expansion of damaged areas. The Licker prefer damaged, populated areas.

Fig 3-2: Licker witnessed in damaged areas of the city of fig 3-1 (b) The Licker’s sense of hearing is highly in return for its devolved sight. Its heightened hearing makes it very unapproachable.

Fig 3-3: A group of active Lickers confirmed.


Plaga BOW

The Plaga is a parasitic organism that was sealed in the clear of the castle of the (Unknown word probably Salazar) family. It was discovered by Ramon Salaza, the 8th lord of the family castle. In Spanish ‘Plaga’ means ‘disaster’ and ‘Los Plagas’ means ‘parasite’. The Plaga cannot live on its own and will die quickly if it doesn’t find a host.

Thus to survive it will attack any nearby organism. Unlike other parasites, the Plaga is a eusocial organism like ants and bees and will create and live in its own colony.

Plagas can live in different organisms and create a mutual link among the host organisms, establishing a unique form of society. The Plaga lays an egg in the human body and as it gradually grows, it attaches itself to the host’s central nervous system to control the behaviour and actions of the host.

Influences of the Plaga on the human body. (Writing in read on human skull picture) The frontal lobe is completely paralyzed.

Fig 4-1: fig 4-1 A Plaga captured to be dissected to study its structure.

Fig 4-2: Plaga found in the Eastern Star Republic.

Fig 4-3: CAT scan results show a human (male) brain infected by the Plaga.

Fig 4-4: The partial lobe of the brain is mainly affected.

Fig 4-5: Plaga clings on the human (male) spine and controls the body.

Fig 4-6: Changes seen in the cells of the human (male) over time caused by the Plaga.

Fig 4-7: Changes in the state of agitation over time.


Zombies BOW

Zombies are humans infected with the T – Virus that have died and then come back to life. The infection causes decomposition of the skin. With only the autonomic nervous system active, zombies feel no pain. Zombies can withstand substantial physical damage, including the loss of an arm or the lower half of the body. However, when its weak point – the head – is severely damaged the zombie will die. They will also become inanimate when they are deprived of human flesh – their sole source of energy – for too long. As a result, they become food for other zombies. In other words, zombies could die by being eaten by fellow zombies.

Fig 2-1: The undead witnessed at Harvardville Airport are considered to have been infected by the T- Virus.

Fig 2-2: Passengers who were present in the airport were attacked by the undead and were infected.

Fig 2-3: Special Forces agents with special training were by the undead and got infected. (That’s how it reads, I triple checked. I think the word bitten is missing.)

Fig 2-4: If one person is infected, there is a high risk that the entire group will be infected.


Cerebus BOW

Cerebus is considered difficult to differentiate from a Zombie Dog, since both are derived from a Doberman. However Cerebus origin is technically different and thus the two cannot be categorized as identical breeds.

The Zombie Dog was born from a Doberman feeding on T-Virus contaminated food, while Cerebus was created when scientists gave a Doberman a dosage of the T – Virus.

Cerebus has been assigned by its researchers the identification number ‘MA-39’. Cerebus, known to be very violent in nature, has the ability to attack its target in a pack. Cerebus is a B.O.W. considered cheap to create while being a highly affective military weapon. For this reason, Umbrella considers Cerebus a successful case of the use of the T – Virus.

Fig 1-1 (a): The T – Virus has been detected from the specimen sample of the undead.

Fig 1-1 (b): The image shows the expansion of the virus up to 30 mm in diameter.

Fig 1-2: An infected Cerebus found in a damaged area in Eastern Europe. Characteristics of turning into an undead have already started appearing on its body.

Fig 1-3: Another Cerebus found at the same place as Fig 1-2. Those bitten by the Cerebus will die and turn into Zombies.



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Can someone scan a good resolution image of the Plagas page?

February 11, 2016 at 5:16 PM Flag Quote & Reply

USS Command
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Welsh at February 11, 2016 at 5:16 PM

Can someone scan a good resolution image of the Plagas page?

Is this it? The whole book is on that site if you need anything else. I found it searching for Biohazard info.


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That's it. Connection is slow here though. Can someone post just the Plagas page with the x-rays?


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George Trevor
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Here is an early demo of Resident Evil 1 with Jill as a co-partner to Chris in an unused concept costume. I searched the Biohazard demo disc (Biohazard Taiken Ban) but couldn't find anything to extract for this costume. Enter Welsh who came up with the extraction & kindly passed it to me.


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USS Command
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More stuff from ORC

In the cutscene “USS Command Briefing 1” the t-Virus stain leaking throughout Raccoon City is listed as “T_VIRUS_0B//” the radio frequency that USS Command is using is “UNET//04:002:000:RC28//” [UNET may stand for Umbrella network also in later cutscenes it's shows as UBNET.] The picture of HUNK is not HUNK, but instead either the cut character that can be seen in one of the trailers or an early version of him.


In “USS Command Briefing 3” a Newspaper with the headline “Authorities Decline To Comment” is seen with Irons blocking the camera with his hand. Another reads “RPD Police Force Stretched To Limit” with a picture of the RPD’s front gate and a SWAT helmet surrounded by bullet cases. It's considered “Vol 05 no. 52447 September 1998”

Another one has “Mystery of Raccoon” with a picture of a hospital area with a lot of blood a turned over bed and “Help Me!” written in blood on the door. The paper is called “Herald” but considering how a part is cut off it may be “Raccoon Herald”


The code Ada inputs before Wolfpack catches up with her is 19264


As with characters from the main games each member of Wolf Pack has a unique color in the special costumes. SPECTRE is Green, LUPO is White, BELTWAY is Gold, FOUREYES is Purple, BERTHA is Red, and VECTOR is Blue.


A trailer for ORC shows Leon entering into North Raccoon City by road 419. This can be linked to Florida State Road 419, Georgia State Route 419, New York State Route 419, Pennsylvania Route 419, South Carolina Highway 419, or Virginia State Route 419. Considering “Operation: Watchdog” from the Perry Novels was being used in ORC it's probably a reference to Pennsylvania.


According to capcom merchandise from Japan, Spec Ops motto is “Dominant The Fight”


According to Inserted Evil, Gun Shop Kendo has been around scents 1984, and has opening hours of 9am – 5pm Mon – Sat. The website's motto is “Official supplier to Raccoon City law enforcement agencies.” The street address is Flower Street, Raccoon City.

The site description for the Matilda is “The Matilda is a unique pistol that provides additional support coupled with an increased rate of fire. Ensure to stock up on extra ammo!”

Also the Matilda is called “Matilda S” in the Japanese version.

Kendo's description for the Classic Launcher is, "Old but reliable – if aiming isn't your thing, then this launcher could be your best friend. Just don’t use it on something that's really close."


In Japan FOUREYES is a “BC (biological and chemical) Soldier[some sites say “Weapons” instead] instead of a Scientist. However the Inserted Evil files in Japan still say “Scientist” so maybe it's just listing what she does. Her watch says 9:03 or 12:45 depending on which hand is which.


Remember RCPW? Or Raccoon City Pure Water? I found one that also says “Raccoon City Public Waters” so that's, Raccoon Pure, Raccoon City Pure Water, and Raccoon City Public Waters all with the RCPW logo. Looks like someone couldn't make up their mind.


Mrs. Everest, the 2nd Grade teacher of had an Online Project for her class dealing with Warm-blooded and Cold-blooded animals, if they get all 20 points they would win a merit.

She wrote a message for anyone who happened to stumble onto the site:

“Fillmore Elementary School is committed to the continual development of educational excellence across all of its classes. Mrs Everest has created this simple warm blooded, cold blooded test as an aid to learning for her 2nd Grade class.

Should you wish to work with Mrs Everest at Fillmore Elementary School as a class assistant, then the school can be contacted directly through its main page.

Thanks for reading to the end!

Mrs Everest, Fillmore Elementary School”


The Official Description for Radio Raccoon 112.5FM is

“Radio Raccoon 112.5FM is the number one station in Raccoon City and its breakfast host Caspar Devere entertains each weekday morning from 6.30 to 9. Don't miss this great mix of hit 90s tunes and witty banter.” 

Jose Schmitt is the owner of Raccoon City Tattoo. The motto is “The best ink in the whole of Raccoon City!” or at least that's what they proclaim.

LUPO has four kids.


BERTHA like air hockey, when idol she will say “Nothing like a little air hockey to make you feel alive.” cause even in the middle of a t-Virus outbreak you're thinking about air hockey.

LUPO will say “do not think of them as people, DON'T THINK JUST KILL!” to herself sometimes. She doesn't like killing. Shame they didn't do anything with that.

The bomb zombies come in 4 types, one with a motorcycle helmet, one with a axe stuck in then, a street sign and one with a night stick stuck into it.

A clock in the hospital reads 8:20 Transcript

About Umbrella | Latest News | Our Activities | Contact Us


Umbrella Corporation: “Preserving The Health of The People.”



Umbrella is working hard to make the technology of tomorrow a reality for today.

Through scientific advancement and technological innovation, Umbrella can create a perfect future. We offer you a future you deserve and a future within your grasp.




Create a future with us, Umbrella is recruiting now.

Read More


New Ashford award winners announced

Read More




We're looking for talented, ambitious and tenacious people to join us in all kinds of areas, from valuable research and development through to a range of projects that will challenge you on every level.


But please don't contact us directly. Instead, answer our questions so we can determine your suitability and potential role with Umbrella. Then the relevant department can seek you out as required.







[] Research

[] Security

[] Biotechnology

[] Special Projects

[] Pharmaceutical


[] To work hard

[] To be the best

[] To do what my superiors tell me.


[] Committed and focus

[] Ruthlessly ambitious

[] Easygoing and fun


[] I am in competition with them

[] As friends and confidents

[] Worse than rats


[] A global organization spreading goodness across the world

[] A tenacious and powerful corporation that does what is necessary

[] A front for genuinely interesting work behind the scenes


About Umbrella | Latest News | Our Activities | Contact Us


Posters from the Hospital in ORC(Orical Dragon helped with these)

“Health and Safety

Here you will be insured at Raccoon City Hospital

(Unreadable text)

Don't Panic!

(Unreadable text)

What caused my *y*****s?

Is This a Virus?

(Unreadable text)”



“Doc Rock[the hospitals mascot] says VACCINATE” while Doc Rock is next to a young boy.


Have A Heart Give Blood (Heart symbol with Raccoon Hospital logo in middle)



“See Your Doctor for Regular Check Ups.” Along with a doctor wearing a face mask.


Eye test chart line 4 reads “RCPD”


The Banner reads at the party read

“38 Years of Service Happy Retirement! We'll Miss You Laverne!”

However the board says

“Happy Retirement! Thank You for 30 Years of Dedicated Services”

And the cake says “Happy Retirement 35 Years!” [three retirements? Or an error? Most likely an error but I like the idea of three people retiring on the same day just to get eaten. Or the hospital has a retirement day where they force out older workers for newer ones. Or no one really liked or cared much for Dr. Laverne so they just got whatever they had left over for his party.]

Magazines and pamphlets

"Outbreak Survival and Working Together"

"Raccoon General Hospital: Information and Help Services" 

"Umbrella Pharmaceutical: 'Better Living Through Technology'

Key breakthroughs that will change the world

Help DG(?) Milat Lovger and Mind(?) Fulce(?)

Free with Purchase"


"So You Think You've Been Infected....

How to recognize the warning signs. Keep calm and prevent the spreading of infection."


"Medical Advances - The Future of Genetic Research




PLUS: All new information regarding Umbrella Corporation's latest research"


"Preparing for the Apocalypse

-How safe are you?

-Prevision Checking

-Living Through it."


"Stairway to the Sun: A History of the Progenitor Virus"


"Herbs and Sprays"


"Dealing with the Reanimation of a Loved One[obviously this is talking about a horrible sex life and not a zombie]

Where to leave

Who to contact

What to feed"


"Raccoon City Visitors Guide"


"Arklay Mountains Scenic Adventure Tours

-Relaxing Atmosphere

-Friendly Wildlife

-Perfect Picnics



"Help Someone In Need

Sign up and volunteer today!

Help change a life one day at a time."


The Official Description for Radio Raccoon 112.5FM

Radio Raccoon 112.5FM is the number one station in Raccoon City and its breakfast host Caspar Devere entertains each weekday morning from 6.30 to 9. Don't miss this great mix of hit 90s tunes and witty banter.


ORC Press Kit File Transcript

Umbrella Corporation

Preserving The Health Of The People






Owing to the unfortunate events in Raccoon City, Umbrella Management has decided to take firm and drastic steps to contain the situation and ensure the longevity of the organization. We have received reliable reports that the federal government is preparing a coordinated response to the 'incident' and therefore it is imperative that you act out your orders to the letter and with extreme prejudice.

At this juncture we must take all necessary measures to preserve what will undoubtedly be the greatest asset to our company. This endeavor will fortify the future of Umbrella and our continued research and development of the most advanced and effective bio-organic weapons on the market.

Within this case you will find all of the required assets with which to fulfill your part in this essential operation.

The future of Umbrella is in your hands.


paper clip eye squigly[this is a joke because the signature is unreadable.]


Arklay Research Facility, Raccoon City 85399

DVD-R Transcript

Umbrella Corporation

Preserving The Health Of The People


120 MN | 4.7 GB | 8x

Umbrella Data

Security Warning: Anything contained on this disk is covered by Umbrella Corporation Security agreement and any second party viewing by unauthorized personnel will be punished under said companies treason and terrorism directive Article 12, Paragraph 16, Section 3.


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More fantastic work USS. Thanks for pointing all this stuff out for me as when I played the game recently I just ran through it as quickly as possible. I wanted to look around and observe but on the other hand I just wanted to get it over with. So thanks. Keep up the great work looking forward to more.


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BSAArklay at April 11, 2016 at 9:13 AM

More fantastic work USS. Thanks for pointing all this stuff out for me as when I played the game recently I just ran through it as quickly as possible. I wanted to look around and observe but on the other hand I just wanted to get it over with. So thanks. Keep up the great work looking forward to more.

@USS Command I wont lie to you I hated Operation RC on my first playthru and I hated it even more on my second. I never played it for a third time but I have been fascinated by all your observations from locations that should not be tarnished by the broken gameplay. So its not my favorite RE entry into the series but you have shown it has as much to offer on an observational tip than some of the canon entries :/ You may have pursuaded me into a third playthru :mad:



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I recently replayed it and I could not get through the whole game made it about 3/4. I can appreciate USS Command's liking of the game because it does have some good elements however the Spec Ops gameplay especially the Nemesis fight was just too much for me.


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Resident Evil and its Director's Cut contain subliminal content in one particular hallway. The one accessed via the elevator from the kitchen. It is the only area that has this feature. Similar to atomic blast imagery (first picture for reference) it looks like zombies along the wall. 

 photo 13319859_1758655287683877_1351877702410919045_n_zpsloxr4umh.jpg

 photo Directors Cut_zpswp7uv5m6.jpg

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Never saw it that way. Reminds me of Fatal Frame/Project Zero 3 in that corridor where the shrine carpenters were entombed alive and you can make out their body silhouette through the walls. This will sure add something for my next playthrough when I go through here.


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I always figured it was just shading for effects but you are absolutley right there CC excellent catch. I wont look at those walls the same again.


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USS Command
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*cough* Well*cough* *cough* dusty in here isn’t it? *cough* Well lets temporary fix that shall we? Here is the Resident Evil 6 press kit files.

If anyone finds this then I can only hope the world is a better place than it is right now. I don’t know how to begin describing what’s going on now. It’s really bad, it’s like hell on Earth. I don’t know how long I’m going to last and there are people in my life who I don’t know if I’ll ever see again. I miss my mum so much right now and I don’t even know if she’s ok. There is so much I want to say to her while I’m still here but I can’t. If anybody somehow survives all this and reads this letter, take my advice and tell the people you love how you feel. This has all happened so fast. Seems like only yesterday that my kids were playing outside, and now we have the windows and doors boarded up and I watch them sleep every night hoping that nothing gets in and takes them, that they live to see another day. The world is such a horrible place for children. [A section is marked out and unreadable.] They’re so scared and I don’t know what to tell them. How do I explain this to them? I try to tell them everything is going to be ok but they’re not stupid. They know what’s going on out there. It’s not fair, I just wish I could somehow make sure they would be safe and live full and happy lives. I haven’t heard from their dad for weeks either. He’s pout there… somewhere… fighting these things… or that’s what I pray for every day. I pray he’s still alive and I just wish he could be here with us, with his family for the little time we have left. I hear the noises outside, I know it’s spreading and spreading fast. I’ve seen what it does to people. It’s the most terrible thing I’ve ever seen. It turns people into monsters, and there’s no stopping it. There’s nothing left….not even prayers can help now….no hope…no nothing. All I can do is wait.

Ivy Daily News

No. 562904     



All hope appears to be lost this morning as news filters across the world that the President of the United States of America was last night shot and killed. If this news wasn’t shocking enough, it appears that the horrific C-Virus has now hit China. With China being the most heavily populated nation on Earth, this surely spells doom for the rest of the world.

The President was Infected

In another twist to shocking tale, it appears early reports regarding the President’s condition prior to the shooting were indeed accurate. It has been confirmed that our President was heavily infected with the deadly C-Virus. Whether or not this was known to the gunman is not clear, but it certainly raises more questions than answers and highlights shades of grey in an otherwise black and white case of assassination. Was this man a hired gun or a desperate lunatic? Or had our President really been transformed into a zombie?

The Shooter

The gunman evaded authorities easily and the accuracy of his shooting suggests a high level of training. Up until this morning the assassin was unidentified however a recent sighting has allowed for a positive ID. The gunman has been named as Leon S. Kennedy and there are no records of his existence apart from a very brief spell with the Raccoon City Police Department. What made the sighting even more significant was who Kennedy was spotted with, a female companion identified as one Helena Harper. Her Occupation or relationship with Kennedy is unknown at this point but she was visibly upset. It is unlikely, however, that the pair will be able to brought to justice given the priorities of the police security forces and government agencies as they try to halt the spread of both the C-Virus and the ensuing nationwide panic and sense of despair.

Outbreak Hits China

The C-Virus has now hit pandemic level with the confirmation that China has reported its first infections. If it wasn’t clear before, it is obvious to all now that the virus is definitely a global threat and is unrelenting. The rate at which it is spreading in our country is frightening enough, so to imagine how quickly it will spread in the most densely populated country in the world is a horrifying thought. Panic is no longer the word to describe the mood worldwide, it is much more grim than that. With windows and doors being boarded up, millions going missing by the day, and harrowing messages to loved ones being exchanged, even we at this newspaper have come to the chilling conclusion that all hope is lost.

Anyway, hope this makes a fine addition to everyones collection and I hope its something new.


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USS Command
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Not gonna say where this is from. But it was a challange to get. (Also, i'll go and a murder spree if I discover someone already did this)

The Raccoon City Times
Morning Edition
Showers with sunny periods. High 72 F
VOL. CLI No. 51.965 Tuesday. September 24, 2002

Monday to Friday $1.56


S.T.A.R.S Prepares For Major Assault
Grundy steely in undead dealings
By Richard Fitzgerald

The Military Campaign against the zombies entered a new phase Saturday after helicopter-borne S.T.A.R.S. commandos struck the zombie forces in Raccoon City, the first of the hit and run strikes in effort to stop the zombie advance. Please see Assault, D9

The Risks of such operations were underscored when a helicopter crashed in Raccoon City killing two service members. Officials did not disclose the precise target of the raid.

Even as the commandos attacked, the Mayor worked to shore up support for the town from the U.S. military. After a briefing on the mission by senior military officials, the mayor told the Raccoon City Times he was satisfied with the results and the walking dead would be stopped. The late Friday mission involved more than fifty S.T.A.R.S. and represented the first direct combat involving Raccoon City forces and the ever increasing zombie hoard. There is no immediate report of combat casualties.

Peering up at the 60-foot-high faces of Raccoon City’s most famous mayors, the famous S.T.A.R.S. shock troops dew little attention at the base of sculptures. Only bullets and shrapnel scars beneath their heavy attire were clues that these visitors were militia commanders, some with families already victims of the zombies. Continued on page B5

Hospitals Overrun
By Sherry Bondy

Hospitals inside Raccoon cannot cope with the amount off[it’s a mistake] zombie victims pouring into the emergency wards. Most doctors expressed fear that some patients were dying and then returning to life in a trance-like Zombie state. This phenomenon makes it very difficult to treat the “undead.” These Zombies are very violent and bent on creating more of their kind. Please see Hospitals, A3

Once a victim is dead it is very difficult to kill them again. Zombies are able to sustain an enormous amount of damage to their bodies. S.T.A.R.S. had destroyed a number of Zombies.

[this part is odd as it doesn’t really goes with anything else and only half of it gets repeated with the picture]
S.T.A.R.S. forces attempt to deal with Zombie army on attack in Raccoon City from farms on the outskirts of the town but the actual origin of the “zombie disease” has yet to be discovered.

Scores of undead roam the city
By Arlene Lott and Jon Hunter

[Just the same sentences mixed and matched.]

Street littered with undead and dying
Umbrella Corps Officials Silent
By Rob Manson

[Just the same sentences mixed and matched.]

Umbrella specialists set up camp
By Arlene Lott and Jon Hunter

[Just the same sentences mixed and matched.]

Lips Sealed at Umbrella Corps
By Marlene Aarons

[Just the same sentences mixed and matched.]

[Picture of Zombies]
S.T.A.R.S. forces attempt to deal with Zombie army on attack in Raccoon.

[Picture of city map with red dots on it]
Undead sightings on Raccoon City streets.

[Picture of city map with no red dots]
Zombie sightings in the Raccoon City Area


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Posts: 520

First of all let me apologise to USS Command for taking so long to read this. The Press Kit files for RE6 are bloody brilliant! Not only are they great mood setters that should have been installed into the game as files but also the newspaper reports give us the insight that Leon's status or career are completley confidential. Quite suprisingly they didn't erase his background with Raccoon City. These woulld have been excellent setup's between chapters. Like RE5 had the history well RE6 could have had newspaper reports to help catch us up and also give background information. Loved those.

Onto the next transcription. Check that date for a clue to this files origins. If only the rest of the project played out similar to as what is describe here. I think it was make a fantastic tv show. The Raccoon City outbreak could be stretched out into a 24 episode season easily. The whole Raccoon City saga could last up to five seasons with so much to cover and I don't just mean the games and materials we already have. I would love to watch a show just based in the city without the outbreak stuff. Kinda like Gotham is to Batman.


"I've had enough of your bullshit! Your just another one of Umbrella's leftovers"

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USS Command
Posts: 306

A bunch of RE7 observations are coming up in a few days, along with something else thanks to some help(who know who you are!)  Here's a taste!

David Anderson, the not so great(in fact he's horrible), "Deputy" in RE7 says he's a deputy while He has a sergeant patch on his arm... A sergeant outranks a deputy quit a bit. Also, his uniform is more in line with that of the Louisiana State Police uniforms, his uniform's patches clearly have taken the design from them. State Police don't have Deputies, that's a country thing, so he couldnt be State Police. Also, his patch says L.P.D. for Louisiana Police Department, which is what i assume is the RE version of the L.S.P..

Now I was originally going to give this a pass, as I was told in a college class that using real police badges, motto, cars, and so on in media can get people in trouble as they can be/are copyrighted by the State/government. BUT I can’t find that anywhere. So I’m going to assume the instructor made a mistake. Also, setting here thinking about it, things like NYPD Blue do it. So yeah, there shouldnt be any reason for L.P.D. to be on there, it could easily be L.S.P. or, if they really wanted David to be a deputy from the get go, then they should’ve put D.P.D. for Dulvey Police Department and remove the sergeant patch.

Its also possible that at some point in development he was ment for a bigger story. Or maybe the deputy line isnt in the japanese version and that whole part got rewriten during its "translation."  I'd love to know for sure if anyone has the info.

So yeah, theres a taste. Not only am I going to document the names of canned food, books, random items, and the small bugs I may notice, I'll even do an in depth look at diffrent things like I did with the "Deputy" Anderson. 

Hope the five of you who care keep en eye out!


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