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JC's Chinese Corner!!
676 3 hours ago
ID Medal Translation
279 3 days ago
Kazuhiro Aoyama Interview
291096 2 weeks ago
Ward Sexton Exclusive Interview
12552 2 months ago
Alyson Court & Leila Johnson Interview
261310 2 months ago
Heidi Anderson-Swan Exclusive Interview
21894 2 months ago
Site Issues
18666 2 months ago
Heidi Anderson-Swan Performs Machova Village Tragedy
91252 2 months ago
Crimson Head Facebook Group
2153 4 months ago
Katie O'Hagan Exclusive Interview
192111 4 months ago
Heroes Never Die
8658 6 months ago
Umbrella Chronicles 1 Translation
11361 10 months ago
Sara Coates Exclusive Interview
171153 11 months ago
RE7 Skype group call review
16979 11 months ago
Crimson Head Elder Staff Artwork
3248 over a year ago
S.D. Perry Exclusive Interview
392689 over a year ago
Operation Raccoon City complete map?
5344 over a year ago
Alyson Court & Lisa Jai Interview
322590 over a year ago
RE0 HD review with Riva Di Paola
272323 over a year ago
Michael McConnohie Exclusive Interview
221392 over a year ago
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